Linux stuff

rovclock: Radeon overclocking utility
Current version: rovclock-0.6e.tar.bz2
Gentoo ebuild: rovclock-0.6e.ebuild

cpufreq-nforce2: Kernel 2.6 cpufreq-module for nForce2 based mainboards
Current version: Included in Kernel 2.6.

atxp1: Kernel 2.6 I2C-module for CPU core voltage changing
Current version: Included in Kernel 2.6.
There is a daemon available at: which controls both, voltage and FSB.
Also Prakash has patched cpufreqd to support this:
German HowTo for cpufreq and atxp1:

em28xx_pollin_usb-r1.patch: Patch for em28xx-driver to support the Pollin USB-R1 2.4 GHz video receiver
Current version: em28xx_pollin_usb-r1.patch Enables the temperature controlled fan speed adjustment in the IT8705F SuperIO
Current version:

VHDL support for ctags
Patch for ctags to support VHDL, not really finished but usable. Screenshot

ether-forward: Forward UDP broadcast packets to another network
Current version: ether-forward.c

dcfdecode: Simple DCF77-decoder for serial realtime clock (Tobit)
Current version: dcfdecode.c

Other things: