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Description: 8rdavcore is able to set voltages (VCore, Vdd, Vdimm, Vagp) and the FSB on different mainboards.
Configuration of chipset settings like memory-timings and controlling the fan speed (depends on board) is also possible.
OS: 8rdavcore runs under 2000/XP (9x/ME)
Currently supported
   VCore   VDimm   Vdd   VAgp  FSB,
Direct HW
FAN speed
Abit NF7 Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y
Acorp NFU400N Y Y Y N Y N Y Y ?
Aopen AK79D-400VN Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y
Asus A7N8X-E T Y Y Y Y N Y Y ?
Asus A7N8X v2.0 Deluxe T Y Y Y Y N Y Y ?
Biostar M7NCG 400 Y T N T Y T Y Y ?
Chaintech CT-7NJ(S,L1) Y Y N Y Y Y ? Y N
DFI Infinity NFII Ultra Y Y Y N Y Y ? Y ?
DFI Lanparty NFII Ultra Y Y Y N Y Y ? Y ?
Epox 8RDA+ Rev. 1.x Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y N
Epox 8RDA+ Rev. 2.x Y Y P Y Y Y Y Y N
Epox 8(R,G)DA(3,6,+,I,E) Y Y P Y Y Y Y Y N
Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro Y N N N Y Y N Y T
Gigabyte GA-7NNXP Y N N N Y Y N Y T
Jetway N2PA Y Y Y N Y N Y Y ?
Leadtek K7NCR-18D Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y ?
MSI K7N2 Delta L T T N T Y N Y Y ?
Shuttle AN35N Ultra V1.1 Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y T
Shuttle SN45G Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y T
Soltek 75FRN(2)-L Y N N N Y ? Y Y N
Soltek NV400-L64 Y Y Y N Y Y ? Y N

 Y  = Yes,  N  = No(not yet),  P  = partially,  T  = testing,  ?  = unknown (not tested)
Latest version:8rdavcore-0.8.8-dev8.zip
Latest version RU (thanks to Vladimir):8rdavcore-0.8.8-dev8_russian.zip
Current development version:8rdavcore-0.8.8-dev8.zip
Previous version:8rdavcore-0.8.7-dev.zip
Manual (EN)
Manual (DE)
Orthy.de (Deutsch)
Support: I'm not working anymore on 8rdavcore but if you have questions: haXsw at haXsw dot net (remove the X).

Help and Tips

This version uses the GiveIO.SYS driver (under NT/2000/XP) and try to automatically install it. If this doesn't work you can install the driver manually: giveio.zip
You can uninstall the driver with the Device-Manager,
VIEW->Show all devices (or something like that), Non-PnP-driver->giveio. Or use remove-giveio.zip


- Run prime95 or something similar where you can see if a overclocked or undervoltaged processor produces errors.
- Use small steps to find a limit (VCore 0.05V, FSB 4Mhz)
- For my 8RDA+ this works: minimal FSB = (FSB at boot-time)-60, maximum FSB = (FSB at boot-time)+10
- 'Sensor' shows the measured voltages from the Winbond/ITE hardware monitor
- The CPU temp is from the socket (on 8RDA), not the internal diode
- Differences between theoretical and sensor values (+/- 0.05V) are normal